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A Couple Of Lindas

Dec 27, 2017

Dating and then becoming friends with Ryan and Justin who dated, twice, and now have developed a wonderful friendship. It's tough, but it's possible to remain friends with exes. And hunny, these “sleeping selfies” have GOT to go in 2018. Baby, we see your arm, mkay.

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Dec 11, 2017

A new golden age of television, sexism, and sitting in our own discomfort with fellow television junkies Kathleen & Jennifer. And hunny, please make Lena Dunham go away.

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Dec 4, 2017

Rural Queerdom, fermentation, and how internet chat rooms and AOL instant messenger was life back in the day. And hunny, get your priorities in check! Need some inspiration for spicing up those cocktails? Check out some of JP's concoctions at Short Mountain Cultures as well as other delicious fermented foods.

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