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A Couple Of Lindas

Nov 3, 2017

A feminist discussion around Science Fiction, a subject that is historically dominated by dudebros, and how there may be a new term to serve as an umbrella term for sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc. "Speculative Fiction." This week's guests are... Sharon, an English Professor that uses Science Fiction as a vehicle to discuss all the 'isms and social issues with lit students and Jennifer, a science teacher, owner of a female-run Pub, and a longtime fan of Science Fiction since childhood.

Topics discussed include:

  • OG Star Trek tackled class-ism, sexism, racism as well as some of the more recent iterations of the franchise.
  • Strong Female characters for young girls and women
  • Sci-fi 101 for folks wanting a smooth entry into the genre: Black Mirror, Orville, Stranger Things, Galaxy Quest, American Horror Story,
  • Goodbye to A/S/L? Past technologies transitioning into the new.

Oh, and "huuuny, your thoughts and prayers aren't actually helping the tragedy..."

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